GREAT! Jember Fashion Carnival in Indonesia

Jember Fashion Carnival in Indonesia

EDUCATION (Education) through in-house training the participants were given knowledge of fashion design, fashion run way, dance fashion, presenter, dressing and make-up and through competitions (Olympic) HR-confidence born, born instructor, leader, koreographer, presenter, singer,  Entrepreneur etc.

Through excavation potential participants by providing opportunities for the development of creativity through competition will be born new ideas both in the art of dance / dance, design clothes, accessories etc.  For Viewers also add insight into local culture and diverse foreign cultures.

ENTERTAINMENT (Entertainment) As an exclusive event that can be entertainment for people of all walks of overall good profession, age, education, economic background and so on.

EXHIBITION (Exhibition) Being a center or a research study about Fashion Carnaval, became the object of taking a photo for professional photographers and many others.

ECONOMIC BENEFIT (economic development). Through the organization of events that have a clear concept, human resources quality, sustainable, attractive, gained the support of the community, the government and the representatives of the people allow it to become a leading tourist potential that can drive other tourist potentials (hospitality, restaurant, transportation, souvenirs, special food, etc.

Jember Fashion Carnival in Indonesia

A total 650 carnival participants, the run way fashion air and dance, in the main street of Jember city watched by more than a hundred thousand spectators on the right and left of the road from Central Park to the Sport Hall Jember. They are divided into 9 march, each march reflects the fashion trend for the year. Opening procession in no Live performing art of JFC Marching Band, followed by the second procession is the theme Defile Archipelago national dress of a particular area on a regular basis such as Java, Bali, Sumatra, and so on. Other Defile the theme of fashion is a trend that is from a country, certain groups, films, events or other global events. All clothing is made in the form of costume which all competed to win awards.

Jember Fashion Carnival in Indonesia

Participants design, create, and demonstrate their own costume as well as make up and hair style are displayed. For that before all the participants who came from various backgrounds of age, education and social status get in-house training of fashion design, fashion run way, dance, presenter, singer, makeup and hair style are supplied free of charge.

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