Curug Ngumpet in Indonesia

Curug Ngumpet in Indonesia

Hide waterfall has a height of approximately 45 meters, with beautiful scenery and beautiful. Hide this waterfall is higher than Cihurang waterfall and pond water was deeper with river rocks big ones. Unfortunately, this waterfall is less well maintained hygiene, in contrast to Cihurang waterfall that is clean and neat.

Is approximately 38 km from the town of Bogor to the Gate Area Tourism Mount Salak Endah. Furthermore, from this gate is approximately 2 miles until arriving at the entrance to the waterfall hide. From this entrance followed by a walk down a path of approximately 200 m or 15 minutes travel time to arrive at the location of the waterfall hide.

There are four lines that can be used to toward the area of ​​Salak Endah. The first is the path Bland (Cibungbulang) - Pamijahan - Salak Endah, then there is a path Cikampak - Salak Endah, Cibatok - Salak Endah and last lines of Castle - Mount Bunder - Salak Endah. Generally the first path chosen more of the tourists, due to having the shortest distance and travel time from the highway Bogor - Leuwiliang. In addition, better road conditions and no winding - winding.

For those who use public transport from Bogor (Terminal Barangsiang) 03 majors Bubulak ride public transportation, then connected with public transportation to the majors again Leuwiliang. Get off at junction Cibatok or Cibungbulang, then ride public transportation to the majors again until the last stop of Mount Picung public transportation. From the last stop of the public transport journey continued on foot or riding a motorcycle taxi to the gate (guard post) Wana Mount Salak Endah.

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