Thursday, June 26, 2014

World cup event to introduce the brand

World cup event to introduce the brand

World cup is world awaited event every 4 years. Nearly all the world to wait and watch the biggest event class football. And a very big concern for all of humanity.

Because of the many attention to the World Cup, the event will eventually become very valuable. The limelight made ​​many people to reap the business of the 4th annual event, with the promotion of their business products. The most visible is the sponsor of the world cup, which is always displayed and viewed humans throughout the world. In every football game, there always appear sponsors located alongside the pitch.

It became a significant opportunity to promote their business to the world. Prices are expensive not an obstacle for international companies, but with the promotion they finally were able to increase the company's revenue. The increase not only of income, but also their brand will be known by the world. Like a brand that is known only to a particular segment, then through the world cup will be known in various segments. That is because the world cup is able to turn a spotlight segments that exist in the world market. Ranging from small children to adults, various kinds of career fields, regions, and so forth.

We can look deeper, that which makes the world cup to introduce business products not only as a sponsor or an official partnership in the world cup, even far more than that. Like a cofee shop in the entire world, almost all organized to watch the world cup. Or also various local brand around the world also take advantage of the World Cup events to increase revenue and also introduce their products.

As performed by the Changi International airport in Singapore to increase revenue, by making a gift to those who spend money there using Visa. Gifts are given free travel facility to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. It finally motivate consumers to shop there, and automatically revenue at Changi International airport will increase.

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