Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This is reason why Indonesian embassy will be marketers

Indonesian embassy will be marketers

Indonesian presidential elections take place today. In the presidential debates discussed about the problems faced by Indonesia, some of them about Indonesian products in the International competition. In these conditions, Indonesia has become another country to market their products, and Indonesia lost to competing products in the country and abroad.

The problem is not because of a bad product, but poor marketing ability. On the other side the lack of support from the government, especially for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia. So from that Indonesian products not competitive in both the local market and International market.

When the free market force, under such conditions the Indonesian products to be inferior to foreign products entering the Indonesian market. Foreign products with better quality and low prices are also able to penetrate the Indonesian market. The result is that Indonesian producers will lose a lot, and in the long term could potentially be out of business.

The issues discussed in the presidential debates in 2014, and one of the solutions discussed by one of the presidential candidates (Joko Widodo) function is to make Indonesian embassies in various countries to promote the products of Indonesia. It is with this aim that Indonesian products are known internationally.

By making the Indonesian representatives in various countries to be the distribution of Indonesian products and promotions massively, it hopes will raise Indonesia's economy in the long term. This is quite interesting, because the task of the embassy which was originally to be diplomatic with other countries, will be added to the task as marketers in various countries.

Then to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian products locally and internationally, also made ​​clear rules that support the growth of micro-economics in Indonesia. Because microeconomic able to make Indonesian economy stable during the monetary crisis. In addition to the rules also government's role in facilitating the growth of micro-economics is necessary, and also provide assurance to businesses microeconomics.